It’s time to know the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone X

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The camera.

The iPhone X consists of a dual vertical sensor with a 12MP telephoto lens, optical and digital zoom up to 10x, optical image stabilization and a wide-angle camera.

It also allows you to take selfies in Portrait mode as you would take a photo of a third person.

The iPhone 8 has only one sensor, a 12Mpx telephoto lens, a digital zoom up to 5x. Portrait mode is unfortunately not available on this Apple smartphone.

The Face ID.

Only available on the iPhone X, the Face ID allows you to unlock your smartphone using facial recognition.

The iPhone 8 still has digital recognition like its predecessors, the iPhone 7, 6 and 5.

According to Apple, the Face ID is 20 times more secure than the touch ID. This is thanks to True Depth technology built into iPhone X only.

More and more impressive performances.

On this point, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are equal.

Indeed, Apple has decided to power its iPhones with the same components, that of an A11 Bionic chip, a CPU and GPU of 6 cores, 3GB of Ram (2gb for the iPhone 8) and a co-processor M11.

The A11 bionic chip ensures a speed of use that is as powerful as MacBook chips.

The price.

Quality means increased price. The iPhone X holds the top of the most expensive smartphone on the market.

This one is available from 1159 for 64GB of storage and 1329 for 256GB. The iPhone 8 is much cheaper compared to its younger brother.

In fact, it is available from 809 for 64gb of storage and 979 for 256go.

The screen.

The iPhone X’s improved resolution and pixel density are unheard of on an Apple smartphone.

The latter has a 5.8-inch OLED screen of 2436 x 1125 pixels. While the iPhone 8 is composed of a 4.7 screen of 1334 x 750 pixels.

In addition, the battery saving is longer on the X and despite the use of a screen with a larger diagonal, it is no more cumbersome than its predecessor.

Now you know what the differences are between iPhone X and iPhone 8. See you soon for new tips on Iphone Price!

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