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Always attentive to the finishes and design of its smartphones, Apple spoils users with three superb colors for its cheap iPhone XS. Gold color for a dapper side which always has its small effect. Gray for rock-solid elegance. Or, finally, money for an unstoppable chic appearance. Its iPhone XS colors are available regardless of the capacity you want to order: 64 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB.iPhone XS goldiPhone XS silveriPhone XS gray

iPhone XS 64 GB

No need to beat around the bush, the iPhone XS is, like its predecessor, a little gem of technology. Whether you choose gold, silver or gray, the iPhone XS 64 go will satisfy all your desires thanks in particular to its improved camera, secure authentication and the ultra-fast central processor. No doubt possible, even in 64 GB, the new Apple smartphone has it all!See all iPhone XS 64 go

iPhone XS 256 GB

With the absence of a microSD card port, the choice of storage capacity for your cheap iPhone XS is very important. With a 256 GB model, the gamer, photographer or even video director that you are largely found there. Download the gourmet applications! No need to hesitate any longer, order the iPhone XS 256 go without further delay on our site.View all iPhone XS 256 GB

iPhone XS 512 GB

With the purchase of a used or new iPhone XS with a storage capacity of 512 GB, you clearly do not laugh any more. Better yet, you are entering the yard of the big Apple smartphone users, those who download music, video games and trendy applications. Those who take tons and tons of photos for Instagram and videos at the same time to remember every moment spent with friends or family. With an inexpensive 512 GB iPhone XS, no need to think about arriving at a saturated space before long. Long time…View all iPhone XS 512 GB


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The 5 strong points of the iPhone XS

We can say that for two years, the accomplices of Cupertino have seriously worked on the legendary iPhone, the first version of which was released in 2007, already. The apple firm, challenged by many manufacturers, has embarked on a race for excellence and innovation. Released a year ago, the iPhone X is dethroned by the brand’s new gem: the iPhone XS ! In “we keep the best and we upgrade” mode … Are you looking for reasons to give yourself this concentrate of technology? Here are 5!

  1. Beautiful and luxurious: the iPhone XS is designed in the toughest glass ever made for a smartphone. With a gold finish, and surgical stainless steel bands, it is used almost with pleasure.
  2. An infinite screen: with its very thin edges, the Super Retina screen of the iPhone XS occupies approximately 82% of the front face. But above all we are talking about an OLED screen with dazzling colors and deep blacks, an almost infinite contrast ratio, precision without reproach. What more can be said ? The iPhone XS remains easy to read even in the sun, as well as in low light. Your eyes say thank you!
  3. Beautiful and strong: it is not because we are beautiful like a top model that we must be fragile! The iPhone XS therefore has a remarkable degree of resistance to water and dust. If you had the strange urge to make him soak, know that he is able to resist up to half an hour of immersion at two meters deep.
  4. A camera worthy of the paparazzi: we are talking here of a double photo module, with two 12 Mpx sensors but with two different lenses, a f / 1.8 (26 mm equivalent) and an f / 2.4 (52 mm equivalent) ). It sounds barbaric on paper but your photos have never been so spectacular.
  5. Beautiful and enduring: this is not given to everyone! The iPhone XS easily walks with you for almost two days of normal use. For the intense, it does the trick quietly during a good big day.  

If we tell you, in addition, that the iPhone XS is at the same price as the X, we wonder why you are not already ordering this bomb of technology on iphoneprice.co.ke!